Nap Time!

Non-Anthro Sketch.png

Y'aaalllllllll, I don't know what the diddly is going on with this latest page of the comic or why the doodly it's taking an eternity. Drawing speed has always been a struggle of mine, but this is nonsense. I feel like I've been busting my buns for more than a week straight, and it still isn't finished. In any case, you guys deserve *something* so I took a quick break and sketched up everyone's favorite fuzzy quartet as their non-humanoid selves. And let me apologize (seems to be my new pastime) about the continuing schedule hiccups here on All Your Base. If life ever sees fit to give me more than a week or two uninterrupted, I'd be much obliged. Until then, I'll keep doing my absolute best to bring your wonderful faces as much quality content as I can muster. ^-^ Ciao for now, loves!